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Begode Racing

 Folsom Motorsport


We are the first racing team in the sport of Electric Unicycle racing that is comprised of the most talented riders in this sport. We are focused on growing spectatorship and achieving mainstream viewership around the world.


We are spearheading the push to increase viewership of the exciting new sport of electric unicycle racing. We are multi-faceted and compete in off road, track, drag, and jump events. The new sport of electric unicycles has all the great aspects of mountain biking with the speed thrill of motor vehicles with speeds exceeding 70mph on track all while being powered by clean energy! We are already sponsored by manufacturers within the industry and are the most prominent race team that will shape future teams.


Be part of this new and exciting class of racing and join from the roots! Your brand will be dominant and will be seen on our team website, as well as sponsored posts on platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, & Facebook.

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Kennzahlen für Sponsoren

Electric Unicycle FB Forum has over 25000 active members.

Average age of 15-55 years old.

Our website will have a listing of all the events that occur around the world - and will be the premier location for all enthusiasts to visit in order to find out where events are taking place.

We attend 5-6 race events a year in countries such as Canada, USA, China, and Spain.

All of our team members have personal social media followings on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Some of our team members have over 100k followers and are personally sponsored by brands such as 1Protect, Insta360, and many others.



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