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Chandon smith

 Statesville Hürdenlauf, Shorttrack, Leichtathletik


Chandon Smith. student athlete at Catawba College, majoring in Sport Management and minor in business administration. I am a rising senior.


That is a great question. If a sponsor was to ask “why you?” I would tell him I am dedicated, I have been fighting to have the life that I want ever since I stepped foot on a track. I want to give my parents a better life and I want a future I can be proud of. I’ve been running track since I was 8-9 and it’s been a promising passion of mine for years and I’ve been on big stages and I believe me helping a brand could get me ready for a career and also promote a brand to get out there with my name along with them. I am a hardworking dedicated student athlete and just want opportunities that I can prosper from and also help other in the process Because I have a lot to offer. 

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My social media audience is almost 10k followers and that is where I mainly post and engage in content The most.