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Charles Brylan Shirley

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I am D1 Decathlete at the University of South Alabama with a lot of followers on Tik Tok.


I am D1 Decathlete at the University of South Alabama. I am one of the top contenders in the Sunbelt Conference. I have 20k follows on Tik Tok and 2,400 on Instagram. I will be willing to post your companies contest on my social media channels.

Unser idealer Sponsor

Companies who are looking to expand their customer base.


Your company can use my name image and likeness to promote your products.

Größte Erfolge

I am a two time state champion in Alabama in 2016 long jump and 2018 long jump. I have been one of the top ranked decathletes in the second hardest decathlon conference in the nation, The Sunbelt Conference. I am going to be competing for top three in the conference this year.  Also,  i have a famous tik tok account.

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Photo ads, video ads, sponsored videos on my 20,000 follower tik tok account.


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