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I am speaking on Behalf of Jabari Smith. He plays basketball for Auburn University and I am looking for people interested in creating NIL deals for him contact me if interested.


I am speaking on behalf of Jabari Smith and other athletes looking for NIL deals and endorsements for these guys.  For the endorsers who don't know Jabari, he is a basketball player at Auburn University and soon a top NBA draft pick. He is a well rounded kid and seeking opportunity to capitalize on his name, image, and likeness.  I am also representing the Voison brothers.  They have a extremely unique story. The 3 brothers all play football at South Alabama. The Voison's are the only 3 brothers that  play together on one team in the entire country. There is a lot or marketability with them.   Like Jabari they are interested in taking advantage of the new NIL rules. If anyone is interested in partnering with any of these Players please don't hesitate to contact me. 

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I am open to hearing any offers for these athletes. There is no deal specific that they are looking for. 


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