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Chingford Harriers FC

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We are a local football team playing home games at Peter May Sports Centre, E17 4HR, & away games all over East London and Essex.


A little bit about us - We are Chingford Harriers FC, a local football team that has been established since 2009 and we play our home games at Peter May Sports Centre, E17 4HR, with away games played over East London and Essex. Predominantly we have been a self-sufficient club in the past, with small donations from friends & family, however these recent years have been tough – something I’m sure you can agree on, particularly from the COVID-19 pandemic and rising costs! 

To try to combat this, we are looking for new sponsors to join our football family for the upcoming 24/25 season – So what do you have to gain from sponsoring us? 

As we are all aware, nothing comes for free, even if we wish it did! We believe any financial investment into our club would allow business to benefit from 5 main aspects, as well as many other factors: 

1) Community Involvement – Who doesn’t want to help their local area grow/improve? 

2) Visibility – All publicity is good publicity, especially when hundreds of individuals see it over the year! 

3) Return on Investment – With numerous people seeing your sponsorship, there’s the potential for increased sales! 

4) Marketing Campaigns – Sponsoring a community team is a unique way to promote your business! 

5) Loyal Partnership – Teaming up with a community team, who will look to help your business get out there! 

We have a wide range of sponsorship packages to offer to promote your business, ranging from a social media partnership to football equipment and team kit & even up to pitch sponsorship! We would welcome the possibility of hospitality/events, if the option is there, so that it may benefit each other yet again! Would love to hear any thoughts or opinions you may have and look forward to hearing from you in the near future! 

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In terms of numbers re: attendance, a one match consists of a 16man squad, with as well as the same for the opposition, and then the referee and usually spectators (10), so one match equals 16+16+10=42, over a 24 match season is 24x42=1,008. That isn't including a potential cup final that usually has a capacity around 300 spectators, or the fact that when we play these games, there are usually another 2 - 4 teams at least in the same ground. 

Not to mention the training sessions of 30 individuals and another team training on other facilities of around 25 individuals every Wednesday. Additionally the team has around 1,400 followers (and growing...!) over a variety of social media platforms and sponsors feature on every match day post as well as additional shoutouts and other posts.

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