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Connor McCrillis

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I’m trying to find sponsors to fund a human powered expedition to sail, bike, and ski the tallest mountain in the central pacific


Aloha!  My name is Connor, I’m a climber, sailor, skier and cyclist from Kailua, Hawaii.  I’m reaching out because I’m planning a multi sport adventure in February.  I’ll be sailing from Kaneohe bay to Hilo on the Big Island.  From Hilo harbor, I’ll strap my skis onto my bike and attempt to bike to the summit of Mauna Kea to ski a few turns and then do it all again in reverse. I just thought it would be cool to combine a few of the sports I do in my local area and do a big expedition entirely human and wind powered.  I’m looking for funding to make a film about the trip and I would be honored to work with you guys. Let me know if you’re interested in supporting and being a part of my adventure!

My phone number is (757) 769-2523 and my email is

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About a thousand instagram follower, but the film team I want to work with has a reach of over a hundred thousand.

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