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Courtney Coppersmith

 Halethorpe Softball


A 5th-year D1 softball player at UMBC that has numerous accolades including being a 2-time Academic All-American, 3-time conference softball pitcher of the year, America East Woman of the Year, 3-time All-Region NFCA honoree, and many more.


I am a hard-working, determined, and competitive athlete on the field, but that is just one side of me. I believe academics are more important than athletics because you are truly a STUDENT before being an athlete. Being an athlete can allow you to afford to go to school and get a great education that will later set you up for your future. However, before all of this, it is important to know that you are also more than just a student and an athlete. I truly believe that the most important thing about everything is that you are a person and you should be the best person that you possibly can be. It is giving back even when everyone isn't looking whether that is with different organizations, athletic clubs, or simply just helping out your peers. The more you give back to the world, and your sport, the more all of it will give back to you and give you opportunities you might never have dreamed of. While I have been extremely successful in the field, that success extends far past that into the classroom, community, and life in general and I believe that is what truly makes me different. 

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Above are some of the videos and interviews involving me! I was also a part of UMBC's episode on The College Tour Amazon tv show!


Below are some articles that were written about me over the past 4 years!


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