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Born in february 2021, competing in Fifa and also offers content in F1 and COD. The goal of crew legion is to be on the TOP of fifa.


Crew Legion is a professional club, all the staff receive a salary according to their expertise and content value. We create content constantly.

The club is managed as a company with goals and strategy, but with the passion of a club. The Ceo and founder Daniel Vigaray together with Color Storm (creative agency) and Esports&fun (gaming agency) decide where the club is going. 

The project is been preparing for 21 /22 season during 9 months to be ready to become one of the top clubs in Fifa in Europe and Latam. The staff it has grown together as a real team, preparing tournaments and getting non expected results.

Unser idealer Sponsor

An sponsor that don't want to have regular campaigns, but effective. We are able to organize online and live tournaments and events, also bootcamps, leagues and very effective content for the audience.

The sponsor should understand the e-sports and all the environment.

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