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D.n.f Offroad Trial racing

 Siuntio Kk Trials, Radsport


We are a team of two, racing in Offroad Trial, prototype class.


We are racing in Offroad Trial in Prototype class, the sport is relatively small scene in Finland and our car is for now the only car in Prototype, so it is drawing a lot of attention. The car is self built, and the appearence is not typical. Looks a bit like a monster truck, so where ever we go with the car, there is always people asking about it. 


We would give a nice different touch to your normal marketing, by attending events etc.

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As said, the scene is small in Finland, this season due to corona we only had 5 competitions alltogether. Around 500-1000 spectators/competition. No tv-coverage, we have been visible in 4x4 Magazine.

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