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ECU Club Equestrian

 Greenville Reiten


This team is supported by ECU Club Sports, and is in association with the Intercollegiate Horse show Association(IHSA)


As a student run organization, our four officers are in charge of keeping this team running. We handle everything from the finances to the transportation to competitions. As a team, not only do we compete, but we also come together to get involved in school events and pride ourselves on the work we do in the community. We accept members from all different experience levels and work as a team to build each other up and develop everyones knowledge about horses and riding. 

Every year, we fundraise and work hard to earn enough money to pay for our club to run. Riding horses is extremely expensive and in hopes to get as many people involved in this sport as possible, we try to keep the costs for our team members low.  ECU Club Sports provides us with funding every year to assist with the costs. However, due to COVID-19, our funding was cut almost in half by the school. We had to raise dues significantly and cut back on what we were able to offer members. We are no longer able to afford to pay for hotels for competitions or entry fees for our riders to compete. We are struggling to even find the funding to pay to use our facility. 

We had a very successful 2021-2022 year,  making it to regionals and ending with with one of our riders finishing 3rd out of all riders in the region, and the team finishing 3rd overall out of all of the other schools we compete against. We are so excited to build off of that and keep pushing for another successful year, and finding sponsorships that will help bring more attention to our club would be incredibly helpful.

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