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Eric Huewe

 Charlotte Motorsport, Sportwagenrennen, Tourenwagen


Sponsorship Opportunity available for 2025 Mazda MX5 Cup Series with races across the United States and millions of viewers.


How will I benefit you?

  • Gain traffic and sales by differentiating from competitors and draw in customers with race car displays
  • Incentivize employees and customers with VIP hospitality experiences 
  • Market to affluent customers that are more willing to buy sponsored products and services
  • Unlock more marketing content opportunities
  •  Use racing events to network with business decision makers 
  • Run promotions tied to this partnership to draw in customers
  • Targeted marketing to affluent motorsports enthusiasts
  • Global reach and market penetration
  • Increased brand exposure with local and national media coverage
  • Use partnership to support community engagement

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TELEVISION: 5.1 million Unique TV Viewers, 276, 000 Average NBC/USA Viewers,  1.1 million Total Peacock Unique Viewers, 

SOCIAL: 1.5 million IMSA Social followers,  831 million Impressions,   8.8 million Total Engagements,  120 million Video Views, 

DIGITAL: 5.8 million Total Visitors,  16 million Page Views, 9.8 million Total IMSA Radio Connections,  2.4 million Live Stream Hour


FANS LOVE SPONSORS: 86% MORE LIKELY to consider trying a sponsor’s product or service, 72% MORE LIKELY to try a sponsor’s product or service, 74% MORE LIKELY to recommend a sponsor’s product or service 

FANS ARE AFFLUENT CAR OWNERS: $115,000 Average Household Income of an IMSA Fan, 25% Fans with net worth of $1+ Million, 84% Own 2 or more cars, 83% Homeowners with an average household of 2.3 persons 

FANS ARE BUSINESS DECISION MAKERS: 67% MORE LIKELY to be business owners, 2X AS LIKELY to be business executives, 36% MORE LIKELY to be involved in business purchase decisions 

FANS ARE EDUCATED: 57% bachelor’s degree or higher, 17% more likely to read business/financial section of the newspaper, 33% More likely to read business journals

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