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Finland Women's Rugby 7s National Team

 Mustasaari Rugby


The team competes in the European Trophy series. Squad of ~35 athletes. Volunteer coaching, management and medical team.


You will be supporting talented and determined women to succeed, knowing that your company played a big part in helping them reach their goals.  

We will be getting new match kits for season 2023 and wear them for the following three seasons, so right now is the perfect timing to get maximum visibility!

● Associate with strong, Finnish, female role models and use us in marketing campaigns

● Women’s rugby in Finland is unique and stands out compared to other sports

● Gain visibility through our growing social media following

● Partner with a motivated team, willing to promote your brand and help with marketing campaigns and advertising

● We will wear your logo with pride (match kit and/or traveling and training outfits)

● Company logo on all match reports - shared on Instagram and Facebook

● Distribution of company merchandise at match days

Unser idealer Sponsor

We welcome any sponsor who's values are inclusivity and equality.

Unfortunately we cannot collaborate with a clothing brand.


Cover travel and accommodation costs to camps and tournaments, since right now everything is paid by the players themselves.

Reichweiten / Links

Größte Erfolge

4th place in the European Trophy series. 

Kennzahlen für Sponsoren

Instagram >1600 followers and growing, combined team >60000 followers.

Facebook >2400 likes and growing, combined team >45000.

All games livestreamed on

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