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Freestyle Trampoline Association

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The FTA created the sport of Freestyle Trampoline and operates the World Series each year which is televised to over 50 Million viewers.


Traditional Olympic Trampoline is quickly decreasing in popularity and has given an opening to a brand new way to flip on a trampoline that is closer to Action Sports culture than traditional straight-laced sports.  The FTA is making “Amateur” olympic Trampoline into a Professional Action Sport and is similar to snowboarding in terms of culture and attitude. Trampoline is being de-olympified by 2028 and the acrobatic world is watching the FTA now because we are the only ones who have ever successfully created an alternative global competitive system with athletes from 13 countries representing their brands and nations at the 2023 World Champs. We are officially selling our events to cities all over the world who agree that trampoline can be a major crowd pleaser the way the FTA broadcasts the events compared to the traditional trampoline version that gets no visibility.  This gives partners of the FTA guarnteed reach each year through TV and social media with our influencers all over the world. We are the newest action sport and have many networks already airing our World Series and are positioned for X-Games inclusion in years to come.  Join our Journey as we delve into Esports and Mixed Reality by 2026. #FTAworldchamps

Unser idealer Sponsor

We are looking for action sports brands that are pushing the boundaries of sports and what is possible who see the long term growth opportunity and want to work with us on an on-going basis while we work to get into the X-Games. Sponsors that have an automatic fit with our community are: 

-Energy Drinks

-Athletic Wear (shoes, merch, athletic underwear)

-Supplements & Vitamins

-Camera Manufacturer 

-Phone Accessories

-Travel & Tourism 

-Social Media Tools 

-Mobile Apps


Reichweiten / Links

Größte Erfolge

GT Games June 2017: This is the first event we hosted and with the major American media promotion we received, we were now known as the “Sport Born On Instagram” (NYT, LA Mag) and many other outlets all over the world. It was our spark!

#FTAworldchamps August 2022: This was our first official World Champs event and was a huge success, showing the world that these ‘crazy’ DIY “Flippers” could in fact organize into a professional World Champs broadcasted event complete with commentary and post-event media distribution to 1.35B tv's around the world.  Now everyone was really paying attention from the Olympic traditional side of the sport which was failing to attract new audiences.

Signed Eurotramp To An Exclusive Long Term Partnership July 2023: Eurotramp is the Olympic trampoline supplier and by signing with us, they told the entire trampoline industry they were betting on the FTA to be the leaders of the sport in the future as they knew trampoline would be de-olympified.

#FTAworldchamps August 2023: This past year we added in the first official Female category to the world champs.  We are now being picked up by female sports networks all over the world. 

FTA Goes Mainstream October 2023: The FTA has now officially signed with the Sports Marketing Group who now promotes the FTA directly to cities all over the world. The “Sport Born On Instagram” is now going mainstream with the SMG's help and selling city rights, broadcast rights and major sponsors all over the world to a mainstream audience. 

FTA First Training Center November 2023: The FTA has secured a location and investment team to finance the FTA's first training center that will be franchised out all over the world feeding athletes to the World Series for years to come. We hope to have our first location opened in NL by 2025 and 5 locations by 2027. We already have offers all over the world for our center.

See our Pitch Deck Here


Kennzahlen für Sponsoren

The FTA is a B2B network of athletes and acrobatic industry brands, trampoline parks and equipment manufacturers that will have anywhere from 10K-200K followers each. Use the power of our network to reach any country you would like at a discounted rate compared to traditional paid ads. If you choose to work with our sport, we would look at three avenues of partnership: 

  1. Athlete Influencers: Partner you with athletes in your demographic, territory with a specific style of posts that fit with your brand. Send athletes your product and or service, create cool content and shout it out all over social with the FTA backing.
  2. TV Media Distribution: Product and Logo placement in our livestream events promoting out to mainstream media networks through our extensive TV network partner list. Specific networks will allow for commercials as well.  With our speicifc network partnerships, we can guarantee distribution.
  3. Custom Event/Project: Create your own event, broadcasted content or project that speaks to your brand and is  structural component to the ‘Flipping’ community. These custom projects create long-lasting loyalty between our community and the brand. These projects can additionally be promoted by Athlete Influencers and TV Media as above.

FTA World Champs 2023 Reach: 2.3B 

**TV's, online platforms, OTT and FAST Channels

Estimated Viewership: 40M Global across 25 countries (North America and All EU).


FTA World Champs Livestream Caffeine TV (600,000 views)

FTA World Champs Social Media

FTA World Champs Website

FTA Website


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