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HEET Gaming is an Esports brand that strives to give the younger generation a chance at Esports and championships.


HEET Gaming is one of the fastest-growing Esports brands in the world.

  • HEET has been founded at the end of 2020 and since then we are growing at an astronomical rate with full-time employees and teams.
  • We currently maintain 5 high-performing teams and provide them with the necessary stuff to succeed, such as salaries, boot camps, and other. 
  • HEET Gaming stands for professionalism, engagement, community, and creative thinking, we also strive to give the younger generation a chance at Esports and help them develop their talents.
  • We strongly believe that in 3 years we will be one of the biggest organizations in the world.

Unser idealer Sponsor

We in HEET are willing to work with anyone that shares our passion and ideals about the gaming scene. As such we are very proud to work with our existing partners. We strongly believe that we can be a strong partner to any brand and help them reach new heights. In the past, we've also done stuff such as managing our partners TikTok and other social accounts and also producing video and post content for them.

For more information, feel free to contact us.