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Hodonu Samuel

 Lagos Klippenspringen, Schwimmen, Gran Turismo


I'm passionate for sports, I love all kinds of sports, water sports especially, I'm a 22 year old student trying to push a change for other myself and also young Nigerians to participate in other kinds of sports both local and international level.


I would love to be sponsored by a company that is willing to help me grow and also achieve my dreams and it has always been one of my goals to become one of the greatest athletes in Nigeria and in the world, i have trained in my own little way by staying healthy, but i need a little push, I'm strong, I'm young, i still have all that energy to burn doing the right thing.

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I don't have enough audience on social media, audience per event probably 100-120 people and they were all school events. Press or tv coverage were not present.

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