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Jacopo Geninazzi

 Cesano Maderno Basketball, Rollstuhlbasketball


Wheelchair basketball player, Briantea84 Cantù and Italian National team. Scudetti 🥇🥇Coppa Italia 🏆🏆🏆Supercoppa 🏆🏆Vergauwen Cup 🏆🏆


My name is Jacopo Geninazzi, I’m 31 and I’m an athlete of the wheelchair basketball Italian National Team and of the Briantea84 Cantù team, which this year won Italian Cup and Italian Supercup and which is at the 4th place in the European Ranking.

The wheelchair basketball is probably the most followed and known Paralympic sport, it duplicates the able-bodied basketball in almost all its tactics.

My sport career began when I was 16, after the amputation of my left leg. Currently, my palmarès is made up of: 2 Italian Championships, 3 Italian Cup, 2 Italian Supercup, 2 Vergauwen Cup e 2 Champions League 3rd places. With the Italian National team, I attended 2 Under22 European Championship (2006, 2008), 2 European Championship (2013, 2015), 2 World Championship (2014, 2018), 1 Paralympic Games (London 2012).

During the Paralympic Games and the World Championships, I described my experiences in London and Incheon in blogs in sport websites.

I usually participate in activities of promotion of Paralympic sport in school, universities and oratory, meeting lot of kids and teenagers, which listen to the story of my life and my experiences.

Beside my sport career, I reached the graduation in Energy Engineering and the master graduation in Sport Management.

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