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K2F Competition Team

 Decatur Taekwondo, Kampfsport


The K2F Competition Team has qualified to attend AAU Taekwondo National's in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 4-9th. In order to qualify, each team member earned a medal. We got 14 gold, 4 silver, and 2 bronze! We need assistance in getting our team there!


The K2F Competition Team is a team based out of Decatur, Georgia.  While we have some families that are capable of financially handling a week long trip in Las Vegas, the vast majority aren't in that same position. Our team has been around now for 5 years and every single time we go to competition, we dominate in each of our events.  Our team works extremely hard and they have dedicated so much time and effort in bettering themselves to be the best. We have earned over 50 gold, silver, and bronze medals nationally, in the time that we have been competing. Our team has created over 20 regional and national champions and we are looking to do even more. We also have our black belt club, who, if they win, qualify to try out for the AAU Nationals and Junior Olympic team. Our school is already gaining recognition for our work at competitions. Our team has even been invited to Korea to compete, twice. With these donations, we will be able to pay for the team members flight, hotel, competition fees as well as their competition training.  We sincerely appreciate your kindness and thank you for assisting these amazing kids in their efforts to become National champions. 

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