Kyle de Beer

 Port Elizabeth Golf


I am an aspiring golfer who will be turning professional at the beginning of next year. I am currently ranked in the top 5 in South Africa and inside the top 200 in the world. I am very hard working and i would love to be sponsored by any company!


I am a young golfer from South Africa. I take pride in working harder than everyone around me. I always present myself in a respectable manner and i like being neat and tidy im my appearance. I will be playing in events next year that are going to be live streamed and televised all over Africa and on Youtube. I feel like i would be a great representative of any sponsor.

Kennzahlen für Sponsoren


200-500 people in an audience per event, and a further 1000-5000 online.

TV coverage depends on the level of my play, but if all goes well I will be on national TV in South Africa at the minimum.