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Manx Rallye

 Redmond Motorsport, Rallye


Manx Rallye features the top rallye driver in the US and is focused on maintaining National Championship results in the ARA series for 2024. We are technology based which allows us to deliver ROI to our sponsors in the most meaningful ways to them.


Our team brings together excellence in rallye and business acumen, something that’s been missing from rallye. In order for sponsorship dollars to make meaningful acceleration, vision and execution is critical. Sponsorship is driven by fan base and low entry to market barriers to convert fans from other motorsport series, meaning, greater numbers in fan base already exist. We don’t need to make net new fans but focus on making rallye available in a way that supports remote viewing, ushering those views based on a marketing strategy with a conversion plan and PR campaigns. Manx Rallye understands the importance of convergence between excellence in business strategies and backing the right driver and building a National Championship Team to win at both

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