Marco Di Costanzo

 Napoli Rudern


My name is Marco Di Costanzo / Athlete of the Italian Olympic rowing team / Bronze medal at the Olympic Games 2016 & 2021


When I started Rowing I always been told that I was physically small to compete with other athletes, and since I was little the more I told I couldn't make it, the more and more I wanted to win. I won a world championship in 2015 in 4- (without four) qualifying for the Rio Olympics, but just 21 days before debuting at the Olympics the technical director decided that I had to get off that boat and get on the 2- (two without) with a boy I have never met before; they were basically leaving me behind.

Onece again there somebody was hindering me, but I could not and I did not want to give it up to them. So in a few days I managed to build a boat and win a bronze medal at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, which the Italian team had been missing for 69 years.

I come form a district in Naples that, unfortunately, is know mainly for the bad things than the good thins. I remember when I returned home after the Olympics were all very happy, finally people were taliking about the "SPANISH QUARTERS OF NAPLES" for a beautiful thing: "THE SPORT".

I hope some sponsors will believe in me, and help me to prepare for the Olympics Tokyo 2020 where I want to improve my result.

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Now being on social networks has become almost like a job, I give it the right importance year after year. Now I count 45k on instagram which is what I use the most to Sponsor you!

I made some appearances on TV, interviews with the RAI (National Italian Television) and on Sky sport, in addition to all the times that the races were broadcast on TV or on the world rowing sites.


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