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Marcus Abraham

 Charlotte Diskuswurf, Leichtathletik


I have taken a three-year hiatus from throwing, and now I'm back and HUNGRY more than ever before. Goal is to be #1 in the world.


13.08.2023 00:47 ·

I have completed one of my goals this season of going undefeated for the whole season. Now on to the next one!

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Größte Erfolge

I Don't like to mention success from the ages of 7-22, because those successes are in the past and I'm trying to accomplish new success as a professional thrower.  As a professional thrower:

-I've thrown my all-time best throw in the discus this season.

- I had an undefeated season this season.

- I won the Masters USATF track meet by beating all throwers from the ages of 25-39.

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As of now we are still inactive, (you will see in the bio of all my social media accounts that it says "Loading..."). The reason for this is because we are in the process of preparing the 12 videos. But once the first video drops  at the end of August, we will be active. These videos have never been seen before, and that's why we know that these videos will be very successful. We do not like to copy others, but we simply like to raise the bar and dominate our niche. 


Instagram: MLAera (@mlaera5) • Instagram photos and videos

Youtube: Marcus Abraham-Our God - YouTube

Twitter: (1) Marcus Abraham (@XmarcusTHEspot_) / X (

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