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Marija Bogavac

 Podgorica Leichtathletik


National Record Holder in javelin throwing. Multiple medalist at European, Balkan and ACC championships. Participant of World and NCAA championships. Former student athlete at the University of Virginia and Miami University, now professional athlete.


Being an athlete is so much more than training and competitions, medals and achievements. As someone who has been at athlete for my whole life, I give everything I have to the cause, being that  a championship or coming back from an injury I know I will succeed because I never give up. As for why you should sponsor me, my simply answer would be WHY NOT? I am 100% I can give back what you invest in my journey to the PARIS Olympics for the next year. I just finished my season healthy, won Montenegro National Championship, won bronze medal at the European Team Championship in Poland and participated at Balkan Championships. I have been living in the USA for the past 10 years where I won multiple medals at the NCAA, ACC, ASUN championships and set a school records in javelin throwing. I am holding three degrees, two master degrees and I speak five languages. I am currently working on promoting my own brand and would love your help with that. I was a previous model and therefore photography is my high passion as well. I am sure that given my experience as an athlete and a well spoken female can achieve great things, and together help me achieve my long awaited dream of competing at Paris Olympics. 

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Social media followers.

Instagram: 71.000

TikTok: 2k 

Linkedln: 500+

I have reached over million accounts in the last month on my social media. I have over 100.000 likes on my videos. And by sponsoring me, I create videos for your needs and interesting collaboration that both benefits us 

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Montenegro National Team (Verein)


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