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 Hamburg Drag Racing, Motorradsport


Born and raised in the land of the Pharaoh Inspired by the legendary movie Top Gun Drag Race is running in my Blood


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Born and raised in the land of the Pharaoh his passion for riding was always his motivation to read and learn more about  engines, tuning, drag racing and customizing motorcycles. It improve his skills to be one of the top riders in Egypt.
Starting with Honda Shadow 400cc years ago and ending up now on a Hayabusa, gave him the opportunity to feel different 
types of engines.

Inspired by the legendary movie Top Gun he gained his name and started racing in Egypt, but that was not enough for him.
Leaving his life behind him as a police officer he started chasing his dreams to become a professional motorcycle racer, tuner and engines builder,so he moved to Poland to start achieving his dreams.

He's holding the best record ever made in Poland on his Hayabusa with a stock engine and stock wheel base 9.475 second.
He is shaving corners... Burning rubber... Riding as fast as a jet fighter.
He is simply Maverick!

"I Feel The Need... The Need For Speed!!!"

Here you will find link for my presentation for all the achivements i did in the last season and what am planing to do in season 2019