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Nikolas Taylor

 Barton Seagrave Motorsport, Formelsport


I'm a professional racing driver currently competing in the GB4 championship with 8 wins, leading the championship by 21 points.


Motorsport is very competitive, it has slowly been gaining attraction from more fans around the world due to the Netflix series "Drive to Survive". I am 17 years old and in my debut season of racing, currently leading the GB4 championship and hoping to go on and win it. I am looking to enter next year's GB3 championship but I am keeping my options open for European F3 championships as well. As I am still learning every race, my potential far exceeds my results so far. Formula One is almost always every racing drivers dream, but the journey there is just as difficult as Formula One itself. With the insane amounts of money needed to progress through the ranks at such young ages many talented drivers are forced to pause or stop their career just because they don't have the funding to progress. Seeing my results at such an early point in my career it would be a shame if I couldn't see where my potential will go. I have also been selected as a finalist in the 2022 Aston Martin Autosport BRDC Young Driver Award which is a huge milestone in my career achieved very early. There is a lot of potential to go through the ranks and hopefully to the pinnacle of motorsport but of course the chances are small. I hope you can join me and my family in rising through the different categories of motorsport of course having the time of our lives along the way. 


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