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Noah Kothlow

 Berlin Kanurennsport, Fitness, Kayak


I'm a 19y/o german kayak sprinter from Berlin. Since 2021 I compete on international level. So far I qualified for world championship twice.


Of course you will probably ask yourself, what makes me the perfect athlete for your sponsorship. 

First of all I am a highly ambiotous and young athlete in a very competetive and intresting sport. I'm doing the sport since I was 12 years old and ever since I started I had the dream of competing on the big world stage. In the last years I spent most of my time pursuing and coming closer to that goal, speaking of up to 30 hours of training a week, going to a sports school and really commiting myself to the sport.

I would say all the work was super worth it so far. Last year I was able to secure the bronce medal in the K4 over 500m at the juniors world championships in portugal, this year was my first where I started in the “under 23” bracket and I was able to finish 5th in the K2 over 1000m.  And I really want more!

This year I finished school and I'm going to start attending university. But unfortunatly under those circumstances with the high workload of sports and university combined I won't be able to be working a job that much of my time, to the point it could really sustain myself. 

By sponsoring me you would help to keep this dream I have alive and even better, you would therefore become a major part of this journey aswell. Your support could be showcased on my equipment and social media for example. Another thing I already do for my supporters is doing updates from time to time, especially about competitions and training camps.

So, if my story sounds intresting to you, I would be more than happy about hearing from you.

Also feel free to check my instagram for reference and general info about me :) 


Unser idealer Sponsor

  • I wouldn't say its necessarily about being a specific kind of sponsor. Obviously a fitness related companie could benefit even twice from the cooperation but in the end it's about sharing and wanting to support the journey.

Reichweiten / Links

Größte Erfolge

  • Third and seventh place in juniors world championships 2021 (K4 500m and K1 200m)
  • Fifth place in U23 world championships (K2 1000m)

Kennzahlen für Sponsoren

  • I'm 19 years old
  • German athlete (Berlin)
  • Kajak sprint athlete (U23 national team)
  • Training contains very much gym-work
  • IG: @noahkothlow
  • starting university in october '22 
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