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 Illinois Diskuswurf, Hammerwurf, Kugelstoßen ...


I am a Track and Field thrower at Quincy University. I am currently a Junior academically and a Sophomore Eligibility wise. I am looking to use my current social media following to promote products


I am an up-and-coming D2 thrower that has been to 3 D2 programs in the last 3 years. My most prominent achievements in D2 are a top 3 finish my freshman year in shotput in the GLVC 2020 Conference and being top 4 in shotput and top 7 in discus in the 2021 GLVC Conference Championship.  




Unser idealer Sponsor

Anything school appropriate.

Größte Erfolge

Medaling my freshman year at the GLVC Conference Championship.

Kennzahlen für Sponsoren

I have over 1000 Instagram followers, around 120 Twitter followers,  and 130 TikTok followers. I'm hoping to grow my Tiktok account more which is focused more on throwing. 

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