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Sakura Roberson

 San Diego American Football


I play women’s tackle football professionally and ran NCAA d1 track and field in college


I play women’s tackle football for the team, San Diego Rebellion. I play professionally for the league, Women’s National Football Conference. I can play both sides of the ball, wide receiver and safety, very well. I am an incredible athlete who ran track and field for a d1 college, San Diego state university, and I placed 10th at NCAA nationals. I am a 3x all American. Women’s tackle football is growing recognition quickly with these last few years. Would you like to support a woman in sports? Would you like to support a world changing view on women that women‘s tackle football is bringing today? Would you like to support my professional career?

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donates apparel 

or pays stipend 

(for acts in return like promoting content)

Größte Erfolge

  • played in professional playoff game for women‘s tackle football
  • 3 time all American for d1 NCAA track and field 
  • 3 school records for d1 track and field 


Kennzahlen für Sponsoren

I have more than 1500 followers on instagram. The wnfc (women’s national football conference) page has 19.5k followers and they repost posts I tag them in. The 2022 WNFC season had a total of 2 million impressions and 634,000 users who streamed the games through. The viewership growth is exponential with every year breaking records for viewership. 

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san diego rebellion (Verein)
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