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Sebastian Steudtner

 Nürnberg Surfen


Anything is possible. Believe in your dreams and find the courage to go after them.


„Nature fascinated me since I was a little kid and sport always was my passion. Speed and feeling the power of natures elements while executing my biggest passion in a team is what I live for. On my personal path I have learned what freedom, independency and determination really means. That’s why working with kids and supporting them brings a lot of joy into my life. It inspired me to start my own charity project #wemakewaves. Together with Laureus and my partners I am leading young kids to live a self-determined life.“ 

Unser idealer Sponsor

What I stand for: courage, respect, motivation, responsibility, passion, determination

For me it´s important to interact with brands in a good way, preferable in an international setting.


  • exclusive content & product placement
  • social media content & product placement
  • personality rights
  • campaigns
  • keynote speaker
  • incentives
  • pr & events
  • branding options

Reichweiten / Links

Größte Erfolge

2010: WSL Global Big Wave Award for "Biggest Wave", Action Sports Award "Surfer of the year"

2011: Action Sports Award "Surfer of the year"

2015: WSL Global Big Wave Award for "Biggest Wave"

Kennzahlen für Sponsoren

  • 48,6k Facebook-Fans (Sebastian Steudtner)
  • 35,2k Instagram-Followers (sebastiansurfs)
  • Laureus Brand Ambassador
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