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Signe Kerge

 Haldreka Laufen (Langstrecke), Leichtathletik


I am an ultrarunner, 24th Estonian female of all time in 24h races since 2024, I also dabble with marathon running and shorter races, but mostly will focus on ultrarunning and endurance running.


I have been running regularly for the past few years, and recently, I accomplished a significant milestone by completing my first ultra race. This journey has not only showcased my dedication and perseverance but also highlighted the accessibility of ultra running. I am passionate about promoting this sport and believe it can inspire others to realize that with commitment, they too can achieve their running goals.

My journey with running is deeply personal. For a long time, I struggled with an eating disorder, and it was through sports that I found a path to recovery. Running has been a vital part of my healing process, and I actively share my story on various platforms to encourage and support others facing similar challenges. By sponsoring me, you will be aligning with an advocate for mental health and the transformative power of sports.

I come from Hiiumaa, a small island in Estonia, where my activities are closely followed by a tight-knit community. Everything I do gains local attention, providing your brand with visibility and engagement in a unique market. 

Sponsoring me means supporting an athlete who is dedicated to promoting health, wellness, and community spirit through running. 




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My TikTok @foodformusic has over 10,7 likes alltogether and most posts gather about 2k to 10k views, I also have a blog that has around 300 visits weekly plus I am really active on instagram @foodforruns. I occasionally appear on podcasts in Estonia and abroad, I have also talked about my ED story and running on Estonian magazines and newspapers.

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