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The Long Walk: with my donkey

 Madrid Gehen, Leichtathletik


A retired Irish journalist based in London decides to do the Camino de Santiago as the last alternative to find inspiration and a spiritual connection to give meaning to his chaotic life, but he will have a very special partner... A donkey.


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Global content campaign parallel to filming in a ‘Travel Diary’ format: constant dialogue with the audience through updates, off-camera interviews and an updated video diary, capturing the daily life of the protagonist as well as the donkey.

Campaign on social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Twitch) mainly aimed at an adult and young audience.

Campaign in traditional media such as television, radios and newspapers to create a national and international media expectation during the filming.


Depending on the collaboration of the public entity, company or brand within the documentary, various possibilities can be studied, among which are:

Product Placement: promotion, both nationally and internationally, of all the areas where we pass along the Camino: beaches, rural areas, cities and other places of interest in terms of nature and patrimony. Our protagonist will visit iconic places that need further promotion, in addition to interacting with the culture, gastronomy and local people. All this through high cinematographic values to enhance the beauty of the different destinations.

Content Creation: the creation of exclusive advertising pieces for its use in campaigns, with the same cinematographic values as the documentary. These pieces can vary depending on the needs, from small promotional pieces to advertising mini-documentaries.

Actions in social media: during the campaign in social media that will be carried in parallel to the documentary, there is the possibility of creating special actions aiming to promote tourism in the area.

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