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Weronika Kaleta

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Hi, I’m Weronika I’m from Poland but I study in the US. I’m a very motivated and hard-working person.


20.05.2022 20:52 ·

Hi, My name is Weronika I'm a cross country skier I'm from Poland and I study in the US. I'm a very solid person and always fighting for my dreams.  I have been training in cross-country skiing since I was a small child and professionally on the national team for 4 years. Unfortunately, since this year I am no longer a representative of Poland because of my studies in America. However, I believe that education is the most important element in life, so I want to show that despite the fact that I am studying in America, I can still ski at the highest level

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Größte Erfolge

Selected as a polish national team for Olympic 2022,

3 times top 30 world cup,
top 20 in the U23 Championships 2022 sprint and 10 km classic

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and You can find me on Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/wera_kaleta/