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Hi my name is Antoinette and I'm 28used to be on on the team called the Gainesville striders inGainesville Florida back in 2000 2004 I was in the JuniorOlympicsAAU Junior Olympics and alsomade it in the whole United States of America at the age of 10


Why you should sponsor the team is its our first time trying to support the community  hhave a track team. I know your probably not even give it A chance.  I'm  WWilling to go thru the changes that come with being a leader.  II'm not perfect and I can use some guidance, but I'm a team PLAYER  II WORK WELL with others who want to win and have something to show for it. And thanks. Experience what like what life have to offer. I'm 28 no kids and I have lot of love for the sport. And being able to to give backin a positive way to the generation to come.

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