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NCAA Equivalency Sports

Unlike Headcount sports scholarships, in equivalency sports, there is no restriction on how many athletes can be on scholarship, but there is a limit on the number of scholarships a team can have.

A team has a limit on the number of scholarships it can have but not in terms of the number of athletes. For example, let's say a team has 36 athletes on scholarships and 17 scholarships. Instead of having 17 athletes on scholarships and 17 walk-ons, the coaches have the possibility to devide thescholarships and all athletes could receive half of it. In reality, it is a bit more complicated than the example shown here, but it illustrates how equivalency sports sponsorships work and highlights the point that athletes are on partial scholarships. 

Here is a list of equivalency sports:

  • All DI sports not listed above
  • All NCAA DII sports
  • All NAIA sports
  • All Junior Colleges
  • NCAA DIII does not offer scholarships but does offer other forms of financial aid


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