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NCAA Division II Basketball

NCAA Division II Basketball is the second highest division in American college sports. Unlike NCAA Division I basketball, this division awards fewer athletic scholarships to individual athletes.For this reason, many students combine multiple partial scholarships consisting of athletic, academic and need-based scholarships to create their financial aid package. This ensures a much better balance between sport and study for the student.
Still, many athletes use NCAA Division II basketball to improve their athletic skills and thereby try to get a coveted spot at an NCAA basketball Division I college. 

In men's and women's basketball, there are currently over 300 different colleges or universities that classify as NCAA Division 2 basketball through their athletic programmes. At the end of each season, a final tournament, similar to March Madness, is held to determine the final winner of the current season. The reigning record champion on the men's side is Kentucky Wesleyan College with 8 titles, and on the women's side it is Cal Poly Pomona University with 5 titles.



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