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NCAA Football TV

The NCAA Football TV is much more complex than the NFL one. There are more moving parts and complex scheduling than one can imagine, and yet the scheduling gets more complicated as the NCAA football teams move into the playoffs. This make up of the schedule should be intensely watched. to begin with, you have got your conference games which mostly consist of  four home and four away matches for each team that is eight matches in total. There are few exceptions,for example, the mighty Pac-12 of NCAA Division I Football plays 9 conference games. To make the scheduling a bit easier, the scheduling team uses different formulas with an intention to maximise the revenues.One kind of scheduling formula outlook is 8-2-1-1, 9-2-1, 8-1-3, 9-3. In this formula the first number represents your conference schedule. Those games are booked. After that you're looking at the next type of games teams play: BCS games, challenge games, cupcake games and games you should win. 

Scheduling games is a big and a very coplicated act and a numbers game-an inexact science that has to be done to perfection by the time schedules are released. You can always get the list of NCAA football fixtures from an official NCAA website or other sports websites. The link below will take you to the NCAA football fixtures this season: 



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