Institutional Request List

The Institutional request list(IRL) is a list of college-bound student-athletes who the NCAA Division I or II colleges or universities are interested in recruiting. The important person for student-athletes to get on this list is the college coach. The coach decides if the name of the athlete should be on the list. The coach usually uses the IRL when he is on the scholarship recruiting process with the athlete. Once the coach gets the athlete on the list, he has to inform the NCAA so that the athletes' name is removed from the clearinghouse. The athlete can also contact the college coach and request his name to be on the IRL but the decision mainly depends on the coach on who he wants to be on IRL.

The IRL is important eligibility if the athlete wants to play at NCAA Division I and II levels and the only way to get on this list is through the coach which makes him the most important person for the college athletes who want to be on this list.




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